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  • Window Navigation:  You will likely end working in a number of concurrent windows
    • Alt+Tab will switch between windows
  • Launching Terminals: Bringing up a new a ROS system often requires a few terminal windows
    • Ctrl+Alt+t will open a new terminal window
    • Shift+Cntl+t will open a new tab in the terminal window (having multiple terminals in a single window can be easier to navigate)
  • Command Line
    • Learn to use Tab Completion - this will save you many keystrokes
    • Learn to use the Up and Down arrows to browse your command line history for the same reason.
    • To exit a program running (in the foreground) on the terminal, use Ctrl+c
  • Copy and Paste
    • In many GUI programs the copy and paste shortcuts are the same as Windows: Ctrl-c to copy and Ctrl-v to paste.
    • For the terminal window, the shortcuts are slightly different: Shift-Ctrl-c to copy and Shift-Ctrl-v to paste.  You can also copy and paste through the menu: Edit->Copy or Edit->Paste

Using SSH with Git Server

There are two options for interacting  with the Git remote server (clone, push, pull, etc.): HTTPS and SSH

Setting up an SSH connection between your computer and the GitLab server takes a few minutes to setup, but allows you to clone and push without entering your GitLab password.  

Here are instructions on setting this connection up with GitLab.  The instructions are verbose, so here is a condensed summary for our use case...

  1. On your computer, generate local SSH keys

    Code Block
     ssh-keygen -o -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

    This should generate both private and public keys as files in the ~/.ssh/ directory.

  2. Echo the public key to the terminal

    Code Block
    more ~/.ssh/ 
  3. Copy the public key from the terminal - text starts with ssh-rsa and ends with the email you provided.
  4. On the GitLab server
    1. Under your user account, go to Settings->SSH Keys
    2. Create a new key and past the text you copied from the terminal

Done - once you GitLab has your public key you should be able to clone, push and pull using the SSH protocol.

Asking for Help / Debugging