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O’Connor, Christopher (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 2014-12)  This project is a study of technology adoption theories and their application to Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the Navy and wider Department of Defense. It examines AM technology modalities and how they are used throughout the Navy. It also looks at the obstacles to wider implementation in the Navy and determines ways the Navy can overcome those and other considerations. Finally, it shows how the Defense Logistics Agency can support the AM through existing customer support programs.


An analysis of additive manufacturing production problems and solutions

 Muniz, Benjamin G.; Peters, Kevin M.(Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 2016-12)  The purpose of this study is to examine challenges and opportunities facing industry and the Department of Defense (DOD) in utilizing additive manufacturing (AM). This research focuses on the challenges and opportunities identified in a June 2015 Government Accountability Office report pertaining to supply chain issues and to advance research methods used to obtain intellectual property and patent rights.


Additive manufacturing: an analysis of intellectual property rights on Navy acquisition