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For Moderators in a Session

  • By default, the Chat tool has the following settings:
  • Everyone can post a chat message
  • Everyone can chat privately with anyone else
  • Chats are not moderated.

Moderators in a session can edit these defaults in the Session Settings by clicking on the session in Sakai.


Recording Chat - If this session's recording is going to be viewed outside of the class it's recorded with, it's a good idea to check "Anonymize chat messages."

Turn off Chat - If you want to turn off chat in your session, uncheck "Post chat messages." 

Private Chat - Check the "Participants can only chat privately with moderators" to limit private chatting to only moderators. Also check "Moderators supervise all private chats" if you want to allow private chats, but monitor them. 



Students - If private chat is turned off for your session, you can ask your instructor to turn that function back on. 

To find privately chat, type the name of someone in the session in the "Find someone to chat with" field.


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