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Dear Colleagues,

It appears that we misjudged the amount of cloud storage that we would need for our Zoom sessions and we will no longer be able to save our sessions to the cloud. Please see our updated recommendations in Recording and Sharing Zoom from OneDrive. More information to follow...

  1. Recording
    1. It is recommended that you chose “Record the meeting automatically” when setting up your meeting, if you intend to record for yourself or for your class. 
    2. From within the meeting, click on the Record button in the bottom menu to start recording.
    3. You can record for yourself on your local computer only, or for the class.
      1. If you want students to have free access to the recording from your course, choose to record to the cloud.
      2. If you record to your local machine, you can still download the recording and upload it to the Resources in your course.
      3. When you record to your local computer, by default Zoom creates a folder in Documents called Zoom.
    4. Cloud recordings can be viewed by all students enrolled in the course, after it has posted. (Below is the students' view of the session's recording) 
    5. You can restrict downloading of your recordings by signing into your Zoom account and accessing your recordings at There you can change the "Share" settings for individual recordings. This restriction can be changed at any time. 


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