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1: 1 April


Lecture Slides: lec-w1-intro.pdf

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Issue laptops:

Overview of Tools: Linux+Git+ROS+MATLAB

Overview of Assignment 1

Lecture Slides: lec-w1-tools.pdf
Due 1700: Assignment 1: Linux and Git Introduction
2: 8 April

Multi-Robot Overview

Reading Due: Distributed Intelligence: Overview of the Field and its Application in Multi-Robot Systems, Lynne E. Parker

Lecture Slides: lec-w2-ros.pdf

ROS Concepts: Packages, nodes, topics and services

Update Laptops

NPS Linux (with ROS) Tips and Tricks (Optional - see the section on using SSH to interact with GitLab)

Updated Lectures Slides: lec-w2-ros.pdf

Due 1700: Assignment 2: ROS Tutorials Part 1
3: 15 April

Behavior-Based Control

Reading Due: Designing and Understanding Adaptive Group Behavior, Maja J. Mataric

Lecture Slides: lec-w3-ros-simulink.pdf

ROS and MATLAB/Simulink:
Launch files; remap, logging, playing and processing data, Simulink timing.

Waypoint guidance. See Robotics, Vision and Control, Chapter 4, Moving to a Point.

Consider going to one or more of the CRUSER TechCon events this week!

Due 1700: Assignment 3
4: 22 April

Behavior-Based Control
Meet in WA-150

Reading Due: STP: skills, tactics, and plays for multi-robot control in adversarial environments, B. Browning et al.

Lecture Slides: w4_turtlebots.pdf

Begin Meeting in lab - WA215

ROS, MATLAB and Gazebo

Due 1700: Assignment 4
5: 29 April

System-theoretic control 

Reading Due: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part 1, H. Durrant-Whyte and T. Bailey

Lecture Slides: w5_mapping_navigation_actions.pdf

Mapping, localization and path-planning

Assignment Notes: w5_assignment.pdf

Due 1700: Assignment 5
6: 6 May
System-theoretic control

Monte Carlo Localization: Efficient Position Estimation for Mobile Robots, D. Fox, W. Burgard, F. Dellaert, S. Thrun.

Lecture Slides:

Action-Server with MATLAB and Multi-Robot Localization

Due 1700: Assignment 6

7: 13 May


Reading Due: Cooperative control of mobile sensor networks: adaptive gradient climbing in a distributed environment, Ogren, Fiorelli and Leonard

Wednesday, 15 May. Brian Gerkey Seminar at MBARI

Due 1700: Assignment 7

8: 20 May


 Reading Due: Multi-AUV control and adaptive sampling in Monterey Bay, E. Fiorelli et al.

Design Project

Due 1700: Final Project "Project Description"

9: 27 May

Memorial Day Holiday

No Class

Design Project

Design Project
10: 3 JuneDesign ProjectDesign ProjectDesign Project
11: 10 June

Last Day of Class

Class debrief and presentations

Lecture Notes: w11-wrapup-19-3.pdf

Thesis and Research Week

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