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Welcome to the new Quarter and welcome to our new students! 

The best thing you can do right now is to know and remember to utilize your resources. Did you know that if you have an NPS network account, you have access to three types of cloud storage? We highly recommend these services to both students and instructors.


Everyone has a GB of storage located in the "Home" area of Sakai. If you are a registered student in Sakai (Not a guest), take a look in your Home, and you'll see a Resources folder. You can store anything you need to there, and it's accessible anywhere you can access Sakai. Just be aware that this storage is not private; all the Sakai admins can access it if we need to.


To access your OneDrive, start by logging into your webmail at from any browser.

In the upper left, click on the MS apps 'waffle.'

Find and click on OneDrive to access your storage space.

Aaaand you're in!

*Note that there is a 15 GB upload size limit.


To access your Box account, go to, and click on Continue.

By signing in with your network credentials, your Box account is automatically generated:


  1. Go to and continue with your Naval Postgraduate School username (not your full email address) and password.

  2. Select your department, team information, and proceed.

  3. Box has an added layer of security and must be accessed with Duo authentication. Please go to the Duo wiki page for more info.