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  • Download Your Zoom Cloud Recordings (Instructors only)
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To quickly download your recorded Zoom meetings, please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to and login to your your NPS Zoom account
  2. Click on the "Cloud Recordings" tab in the top
  3. To the right of the recording that you want to download, click on "More..." and choose "Download(2 files)." The download will start automatically and appear in your Download folder by default. Your download will include a separate mp4 video with audio included, an m4a audio-only file, and a chat file, if any. 
  4. Repeat this process or any meeting that you want to save


  • You can search for recordings by Topic, Date, ID, or Keyword from the description or Topic. 

  • For detailed information about each recording, click on the link in the Topic column

  • If you want only the MP4 or only the m4a files, go to the link in the Topic Column. There you can download either "Shared screen with Speaker view" or "Audio only"

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, there isn't a way to download more than one Zoom recording at a time


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  1. The hyperlink shown in item 1 appears broken. It takes you to home page, leaving out the "recordings" suffix.

    1. Thank you! Would you try it again please?

      1. Working now. <thumbsup>