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I've created this page. There was no such wiki page for Post and Assess development. Only the front end page. Please use this as needed. You can review other project pages for ideas for content areas. If gitlab contains the main info then use pointers/links from here to there with any short abstracts as fitting for ease of understanding. You can view other projects like LMA for inspiration and possible content areas. 

Locations and Logins

Developer Notes

Running PA for the first time

  • After running the 'docker-compose up' command, the containers will fail to startup, because the web container depends on data to be in the database, with specific tables. This can be remedied by using the following SQL file to "seed" the MySQL db with the appropriate tables and sample assignment:
    • Y:\Projects\PostAssess\src\postassess_files\6-10-2019.sql

Production Notes

Changes to database

  • Created 2 new tables to allow instructor to attach files to their grading comments. They can be created with the following mySQL commands:
    • CREATE TABLE `grade_attachments` ( `Grade_id_grades` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL, `attachments_id_attachments` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL, `grade_attachments_index` INT(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`Grade_id_grades`, `grade_attachments_index`), UNIQUE INDEX `attachments_id_attachments` (`attachments_id_attachments`), CONSTRAINT `FK_grade_attachments_attachments` FOREIGN KEY (`attachments_id_attachments`) REFERENCES `attachments` (`id_attachments`), CONSTRAINT `FK_grade_attachments_grades` FOREIGN KEY (`Grade_id_grades`) REFERENCES `grades` (`id_grades`) )
    • CREATE TABLE `grade_attachments_AUD` ( `REV` INT(11) NOT NULL, `Grade_id_grades` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL, `attachments_id_attachments` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL, `grade_attachments_index` INT(11) NOT NULL, `REVTYPE` TINYINT(4) NULL DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`REV`, `Grade_id_grades`, `attachments_id_attachments`, `grade_attachments_index`), CONSTRAINT `FK_grade_attachments_AUD_REVINFO` FOREIGN KEY (`REV`) REFERENCES `REVINFO` (`REV`) )


  1. Shatilov, Denis Contractor, MKS2 Technologies  I'm looking at the Master branch, I'm not sure where the instructions are. I haven't touched the Master branch, but maybe this could be a good opportunity for some code QA to merge develop into Master?

    I do see the following commit comment:

    Two options to do migrations, through flat SQL file and Java.
    Next thing is to work it out in to the deployment process or in to the launch of the application.
    By running something similar to :
    import org.flywaydb.core.Flyway;
    Flyway flyway = Flyway.configure().dataSource(url, user, password).load();

    1. There is migration file that serves as example. Develop should not be merged until it up to speed with master.