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If you notice that Sakai isn't acting properly, there are a number of troubleshooting strategies that you can use. These are strategies that we use in the office to troubleshoot glitchy issues when they come up. If you were to call us, this is what we'd try. 

  1. Are you using Internet Explorer? While IE is a fine browser, it can have negative effects in Sakai, particularly in Tests & Quizzes. Also, as an instructor, if you use IE, you won't be able to see the contents of the Gradebook, Roster, or the new Rubrics tool. Aside from that, in T&Q, some questions and tables don't line up completely right. 
  2. Try a different Browser? A lot of website problems are solved or at least figured out by trying a different browser. Do you normally use Chrome? Chrome is great, but has some faults, so try Firefox. Normally use Safari? Also has some issues, so try Chrome. Do you get the same result? Then it's not the browser, but your computer, your network, your account, or the site. 
  3. Do you have multiple browser tabs open? Sakai is notoriously bad at keeping it's nose out of other browser tabs' business. It's like that little brother that always wants to do what you're doing. In text boxes, forms, and other chooser tools, Sakai will interpret the other tab as input for itself and completely mess you up. Which is bad. - The solution? Make sure you're only using ONE tab while working. Not all the time, only when what you're working on is really important. If you need more than one tab open for something, use another browser.
  4. Are you on a government computer? We've found that government computers have a hard time with some actions in Sakai. Try to use a different computer, if you can, or see if your IT department, or our ITACS here at NPS, will loosen the security on it. 
  5. Are you in a government network? If you are working on the NMCI network, or any military network, there is a really good chance that if you're experiencing slowness, or if you can't get to a resource or tool that you could get to last week, it could be the network. If you have the opportunity to work in another environment, try that and see if you get the same result. 
  6. Do you believe in gremlins?

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