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I'm in a fun position where I get to talk to both students and faculty regularly, and I'm starting to hear what students are saying about Zoom. Most really like it and are happy, but I have heard one thing that the students strongly suggest: Turn off the sound that Zoom plays when someone joins the session! I think most instructors don't realize that the students in their lectures can hear the chime too, or maybe they don't realize it can be really disruptive.

If you have this turned on, you can turn it off to limit the disruption it can cause in your lecture. Here are your steps:

  1. Go to zoom. us and log in with your NPS Zoom account
  2. Go to Settings, and stay in the Meeting tab     

      3. Scroll down to "Play sound when participants join or leave" and make sure that "Heard by host only" is selected.

      4. Your selection will save automatically.

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