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If you're new to Sakai, Zoom, or Collaborate, or new to distance learning, please talk to the CLE team. We can get you up to speed so that you can be an effective and efficient instructor or student. We can work with you over the phone, in a web conference tool, or in person!

Fifteen Minute Session Samples

Fifteen minute Session samples - the basics of web conferencing, or one Sakai tool, or the basics of the student experience in Sakai.

Choose From:

  1. Sakai start-up
    1. Navigation and menus
    2. Tool basics
    3. How to get help
  2. Sakai Tools
    1. An in-depth look at how to use one of the following:
      1. assignments
      2. Tests and Quizzes
      3. Forums
      4. Resources
  3. Zoom Start-Up
    1. Schedule and/or Joining a session
    2. Sharing
    3. Mic and Camera settings
  4. Collaborate Start-up
    1. Interface navigation
    2. sharing
    3. Mic and Camera settings
Thirty Minute Session Examples

Thirty Minute Sessions - Expert level web conferencing, or get you up to speed on the basics of instruction in Sakai

Choose From

  1. Zoom and Collaborate Start-up
  2. Zoom or Collaborate In-Depth
  3. Sakai Start up and Tools
Hour-long Sessions

Hour long Sessions - the basics of distance instruction in Sakai, plus effective use of web conferencing tools in the online classroom.

Choose From

  1. In-depth web conferencing use in synchronous and asynchronous instruction, integrated into your Sakai course
  2. In-depth use of Sakai for instruction
Two-Hour Long Sessions

Two hour long Sessions - 

  1. knowledge and practice in Sakai and web conferencing!
    1. In Depth look at web conferencing software
      1. Zoom
      2. Collaborate
    2. In Depth look at Sakai for instruction
      1. Navigation
      2. Profile
      3. Preferences
      4. Student View
      5. All Tools
      6. Troubleshooting

Please give us a call at 831-656-2020 to make an appointment!

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