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We get this question almost every day for a few weeks before and after the start of a new quarter: "I'm scheduled to take a course but I can't find it in Sakai. How do I find it?" Here is what you do, whether you're a professor or a student...

  1. Look in the Sites block - If you know you've been added to a course, but it's not in your top favorites menu, it could be hiding in your "All Sites" bin. Click on the Sites block, find the course, and click on the star to add it to your favorites. If you don't find it there, go to step 2...

2. Your course may be unpublished - If you're a student in a course, or a participant in a project site, it may be that the instructor or the organizer hasn't published the course yet. This happens frequently in the days preceding the actual start of class. If your professor has let you know that the course is available and you still can't see it, let us know. 

3. Do you have two Sakai accounts? Many people - students, instructors, and guests - are added to sites with their private email address by well-meaning people when that's not the best idea. Did you get an email to your personal email with a notice that you've been added to a course? This happens very frequently. 

4. Contact us here - If none of the above apply, please contact us here at x2020 or, or visit the office in Ingersoll 267 and we can help you out!

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