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Zoom is a cloud video conferencing tool that works from either an installed client or from within your browser. It is another web conferencing tool we are adding to enhance teaching and learning at NPS. 

By default, students and guests do not need a Zoom account, but instructors will need to have an NPS-associated account set up to create and administer Zoom meetings. If you would like a Zoom account, please contact the CLE helpdesk at  For more information, please call the CLE helpdesk at 831-656-2020.

Zoom Security Best Practices

Discussing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) such as FOUO, PII, PHI, etc. is not allowed in Zoom.

Follow required and recommended  Zoom for Government (ZfG) Security Best Practices

Account Information

Students and guest do not need a ZfG account to participate in meetings, but if you are an NPS instructor and need to schedule lectures and meetings with your students, please send us an email to to request an account. 

Are you using the right Zoom account?

Switching the Zoom app to Zoom for Government

What is the difference between a licensed "Pro" account and a Basic Zoom for Government account?

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