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As you know, when we create a course, often times we make duplicates of a prior quarter's course. It's an easy way to retain all of the content and structure that you created going from one quarter to the next. However, it is really inefficient and creates copies of copies of copies. We now are faced with a TON of redundant data, our servers are bloated, and we need to go on a Sakai diet.

So here's my question (if you've been reading my blog you may have seen this before...): Do you have old courses that we can delete? We actually have old Sakai course sites dating back to 2009!! If you have sites that you want to get rid of, but you want to retain the content in Resources, let us know and we can help you with that!

Here are the steps I recommend:

  1. First, go to your Home, then to Membership. If any of those sites have a check box to the left, you can remove yourself from that site on your own. 
  2. Go up one menu item to Preferences, then Sites. This will list EVERYTHING you're are enrolled in. (If they are checked, you've hidden them from your Sites block)
  3. Note the name and term of the sites you want us to delete. We will verify that you are the only instructor in it and delete it. (See step #5 to remove yourself if you aren't the only instructor in a course that you don't need.) 
  4. Send that list to us at
  5. You can also remove yourself from any course where you are not the only instructor. Go to the Site Info and Manage Participants. Check the box to the far right of your name and then click on Update Participants. That will remove you. 

Again, if you want help with downloading your content, please let us know!

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