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This page describes the allowable types in current use for Calhoun.  Use these Item types for dc.type. 

Types are not file formats. We decided on 8/31/2011 that we would make a distinction between "types" of documents and file formats.  Example: dc.type Video may include format .avi, mp4, etc. and dc.Type Thesis may include Masters, Ph.D, etc.


Item types in current use are represented below, with notes.

Document that shows mappings for dc.type from Calhoun to Primo, June 6, 2017



Item type



 AbstractUse for cases where an abstract is published in place of an oral presentation, for example at a conference. Rarely used, since Calhoun should include full, published versions when available.

use for published articles or pre-prints. For Book Reviews, see Book Review



may include collections of articles or essays combined under an editor


Book Chapter

 Book Review

A Book Review is a work in which an author reviews another another author's (or authors') work for publication in a journal.

Book Reviews often have the SAME title as the book reviewed, or may have a DIFFERENT title. 

If the review article title is the SAME as the book reviewed, use this pattern:
Book Review by <first name last name of reviewer> of <book title> by <book author>

If the review article title is DIFFERENT than the book reviewed, use this pattern:

<Review title>, a Book Review by <first name last name of reviewer> of <book title> by <book author>

See Book Reviews in Calhoun - how to create consistent records

 CatalogCourse catalogs may use this item type
 Conference Paper 

Congressional Report Tribute


 Course Descriptionmay include announcements



 Executive Summaryused for theses and dissertations
 Fact Sheet 
 Graphic Projectused for Mathew Rose collection for .zip files which contain all content for a single project



 Image, 3D 


Interactive Media Element, term used by NPS CED3 team to include a variety of animations, webpages, tests, games and other teaching tools developed for use by NPS faculty

 InterviewFor a transcript of an oral history interview.







Musical Score





 Plan or Blueprint 





Preferred over "slides". May include slidesets or powerpoint presentations

 ProgramEXAMPLE: A printed guide to an event, published and distributed to attendees. Commencement Ceremony Programs; IDL Faculty Showcase Programs use this type

Recording, musical



Recording, oral




EXAMPLE: WASC Reports go under this heading. For NPS Technical Reports use Technical Report. Examine the cover page; inclusion of NPS # indicates is a Technical Report.






Allow all degree-earning products: Theses, Dissertations, Capstones, Project Reports, MBA, etc.

 Technical ReportEXAMPLE: Use for NPS Technical Reports



 Web Page Capturemay include single web pages or a combination of pages in .zip format
 White Paper 
 Working Paper 
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