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Sakai & Collaborate Support:

DSN: 756-2020

  Rules for Test-Taking in Sakai

  1. Only have ONE browser tab, the Sakai test, open in one browser at a time. If you need to have another internet window open for reference, use another browser. In other words, if you're taking the test in Chrome, have your reference page open in Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Sakai automatically logs you out after 60 minutes of inactivity, and it doesn't count test entries as activity, so save your work often!

For non-emergency assistance, please use the help pages below:


The Naval Postgraduate School Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) is an interactive portal designed to support the learning and research activities of the Naval Postgraduate School and its strategic partners.

Sakai can be accessed at with your NPS credentials.

Sakai Community Wiki


Collaborate is a web based collaboration system that supports Video and Voice over IP, text chat, an interactive white board, application sharing and document sharing.

NPS users can use Collaborate to:

  • Distribute class content to distance learning students around the world
  • Collaborate with NPS and Non-NPS users in other locations
  • Record class sessions and lessons for time shifted viewing

Main Support Page