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  • Firefox CAC & Smart Card Setup
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Mozilla Firefox and CAC / Smart Card Setup

Follow these instructions to easily use your CAC or other smart card with Firefox.  ActiveClient software is not needed anymore.   Windows 7 should automatically recognize most USB-based readers so no additional software is required.

Install the DOD Root Certificates for Firefox

  • Most likely you'll need local admin access on the computer you're working with
  • Latest version of Firefox
  • DOD Root Certificates installed and available to Firefox. Download the full version of the DOD-PKE app (not the command line version).

Using OpenSC to configure Firefox for Smart Cards

This is probably the simpler method and can be done in 5 minutes.

Test it Out!

Restart your browser after adding the new security device as described above.  Have your card reader connected, enter your card, and visit a site requiring client certificate authentication.

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