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P&A General QA 

MN - Sept 30

Phil's server:

Future Features: 

  • Add: Breadcrumbs?

Issue: Create New Assignment and Score>View All ... neither show the selected Tab. Breadcrumbs might solve this.

  • Feature?: add a "Download All Attachments" btn upper right of scoring page?  - Kathryn.   Downloading all would also have to rename all with student's names etc. 
  • Feature?: Add an option button on manually assign section that says "Match Assessors Automatically with Posters"  When selected... each time you assign an assessor to a poster.... that poster is automatically assigned to be the assessor of the assessor.   Would take half the time to do the assigning... in theory. 
  • Feature?: "Auto Create Groups" link, right below Add Group +  When clicked, it would take total num students / max num per group and generate the max allowed number of groups and auto fill place holder names. Student list on left would not yet be affected. Would still need dragging. 

  • Need a way to share assessors and groups between assignments
    • Like the LMA copy give the users some options on what to copy when they click the copy button in a flyout popup
    • When copying an assignment, ask if the groups and assess assignments should be copied
  • Include manage groups and assign assessors directly into set up wizard
  • Managing Groups>Deleting a name from a group... Nita said "Where did he go?"  Maybe animating back into the list of left would be nice.





Usability/Testing Script

Introduction (welcome, etc.)


  1. Create an Assignment (as group assignment)
    1. Add an attachment
    2. Schedule Posting and Assessing
  2. Assign students to teams
  3. Grade posts and assesses from several students
  4. Edit a grade and re-save
  5. Copy an Assignment
  6. Delete an Assignment
  7. Free exploration of app by participant

Post Discussion and client feedback on Instructor View

Demo Student View

  • Allow Participant to create a post as a student

Post Discussion and client feedback on Student View


Quote of the day!

"P2 - "So easy I didn't even notice it! Beautiful. That is lovely." 

-keep for "testimonials"














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