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Why VPN to NPS?

VPN establishes a connection to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) campus network.  If you establish this connection, the NPS network recognizes you as a trusted user and automatically allows you access to school-related resources you can’t get from outside the network.


Do you need to connect to the VPN?

  • If you are NOT on campus
  • If you are on campus and connected to the Del Monte Hotel wireless
  • To get better (more) Dudley Knox Library materials
  • To submit Capstone Assessments (instructors)
  • To access the Python system (student enterprise system) to:
    • Check your final course grades with the Registrar (students)
    • Submit your course evaluations (students)
    • Submit your final course grades (instructors)

If you don’t need to do one of these things or are connected to the NPS Wireless network, you don’t need to VPN.


How do you connect?

See the detailed instructions for Mac and for Windows computers.


Having Trouble?

NPS accounts get disabled if they are inactive for 30 days. To get it re-enabled, call or email the NPS Technology Assistance Center. (it may take a couple days to get a response).

If you know the account is active, and you have mis-typed your password 3 times or more you may be locked out. You can contact,

More information about remote access to NPS network.


Problems?  Contact for the install or DoD certificate instructions.

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  1. Just a recommendation, since we are no longer using Cisco, you may want to remove this page or restrict permissions so users no longer find this wiki along with other wikis referring to bouncer/rounder Cisco VPN or IPSec.