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Borrowed heavily from Louis Whitcomb's course at JHU 

  • Make your own user account (Ubuntu New User Setup).  All of your work should be done as this new user.
  • Do not modify other user accounts.  This includes delete, lock or change the password.  This is particularly important for the default "frl" and "bsb" accounts.
  • Your account has sudo (AKA administrator) privileges so BE CAREFUL WHEN USING sudo!  If you are issuing a command with sudo, and don't completely understand what you are doing, stop and ask.
  • Do not edit or modify and ROS files under /opt/ros. If you want to modify a standard ROS package, then download the INDIGO version of the source-code for the package into your catkin workspace, and modify your local copy. ROS will automatically detect your local copy and use it instead of the system version in /opt/ros.
  • DO NOT upgrade the operating system, which is Ubuntu 18.04, to more recent releases of Ubuntu.
  • DO NOT install other versions of ROS other than ROS Melodic.
  • DO NOT change the password or settings on other accounts (e.g., the frl or bsb accounts).
  • No Backup!: The files on these computers are NOT BACKED UP. Any files that you leave in your account on these computers can disappear at any time.  They will not be deleted on purpose, but things fail.
    Use Git and/or a removable drive to save your projects during and after every work session.
  • No PII: These laptops are shared - don't save personal information (passwords, etc.) on them.
  • If you encounter a problem: Notify the instructors if you have any problems with the lab or its equipment. 
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