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  • Checking your Audio and Video Settings in Collaborate Ultra
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These instructions assume you are already in a Collaborate Session. To join a Collaborate Ultra Session, please follow the instructions here.


  1. Once you are in a session, click on the Collaborate Panel Button on the lower right of the session window.
  2. Click on the gear to access the "My Settings" menu.

  1. Click to open Audio and Video Settings, if it's not already open, then on "Set Up your Camera and Microphone."

  1. You will be guided through two tests; Audio and Video
    1. For the audio test, it will start with the default microphone, but there is a drop-down menu to select a different mic. As you speak into the mic, a pink bar will move, indicating that the system is picking up sound. If there is no movement of the bar, please check if your Flash settings. 


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