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  • Application and URL Sharing in Collaborate Ultra
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Note: Currently, this process can only be done if the presenter is using the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

To share an application or a website, follow these directions:

  1. From an active Collaborate Ultra session, open the Collaborate Panel using the button on the lower right.
  2. Click on the Share Content button

  3. Click on Share Application

  4. Choose the application or browser tab you would like to share. Note that the application or browser tab you want to share needs to be active and not minimized.
  5. Once there, you have the choice to share your "Entire Screen" or "Just an Application"
  6. Choose the application from the window and click on "Share." There may be a momentary delay, then the application will appear identically in your content window as well as the students' content window. Note that if you share a browser window, the entire browser window will be visible to students, including all bookmarks, toolbars, and open tabs
  7. Students will see any editing in the document in real time. 


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