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  • Dialing in to a Collaborate Ultra Session
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If you are having trouble with your headphones or mic, or on a restricted system that prevents you from using a headset or mic, please follow these directions to use a phone to dial in to the session.

*Note: If you can't get to a computer to find out the dial-in number and PIN, ask your professor or a classmate for it before the session starts. You can also call the Sakai helpdesk between 0700 and 1700 for the number and pin to your session. Be prepared to tell the technician what course and what session you need to attend.

  1. If you are at your computer, log into the session

  2. Open the Session Menu on the left of the session window.

3. Click on "Use your phone for Audio" and note the phone number and PIN

4. Use a phone to dial the number and enter the Pin when prompted. 

NOTE: If you don't have a mic installed, or it's been disabled due to security, you may see this message -->

Click the almost-invisible X in the upper right corner to click past the message and continue to join the session.

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