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Initial State

  • The RDC is stored in an S3 bucket.
  • This meets the objective of keeping a copy in a location where it could be shared with NPS research partners and approved affiliates.
  • A limitation is that VMs cannot compute directly on data in the S3 buckets without first moving them.

Transition to EBS

  • AWS offers an Elastic Block Storage service, which closely approximates the capabilities of a physical Storage Area Network.
  • Snapshots of EBS devices can be saved to S3 buckets.
  • It may be better to keep snapshots of an EBS in S3 that the corpus images themselves.

Experiment 1: How Fast Can We Move between S3 and EBS, and how much does this cost?

Creating an EC2 Instance and Logging On

  • Don't forget to set up an elastic IP instance.
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