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The intent of this very basic tutorial is to introduce some of the major concepts and vocabulary needed to construct Monterey Phoenix (MP) models.  References are provided to the syntax manual for further reading, study and formal definitions.  MP provides many additional modeling features which are not referred to in this tutorial.  The examples in this tutorial should illustrate basic MP modeling concepts and skills. 


Familiarity with programming concepts (e.g. pseudo code) and common vocabulary (e.g. Boolean) is assumed.  There is some comparative discussion to assist readers who are familiar with other programming languages create parallels and distinctions.  In addition to aiding understanding, part of the point in the comparisons is to understand how MP enables you to frame problems in a more natural way than other programming language specifications.


This tutorial places and emphasis on the operational process modeling with MP.  One of the important motivations behind MP is the idea that any complex behavior can be modeled with two concepts relating behaviors to one another :  precedence and inclusion.  This tutorial will cover both of these concepts and how they are implemented within MP.


Organization of this document

This document is example centric.  Individual concepts are explained briefly followed by examples using the concepts.  They are given in an add-on style, starting with a single concept and then extending with further concepts and variations to create more complex behavior.  For this reason they are intended to be run in order. 


Example code is provided for pasting purposes and is shown in bold font.

All example code conforms to the MP style guide which is available as a separate document.   To clearly indicate what was added on in a specific example relative to the immediately prior example, the added-on text is shown with red font


Like any other programming language, there could be several MP syntax alternatives for accomplishing the same logic.  This is a discussion beyond the scope of this tutorial, although some commentary regarding this might appear when applicable.

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  1. Most of the MP documentation I've scene labels the two concepts relating behaviors as "precedence" and "inclusion" versus "composition". Maybe this is no big deal.

  2. Thanks.  Will change for consistency.