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The MP IDE allows you to construct, run and view results from your MP code in the same tool.

How Do I Run MP?

The “Monterey Phoenix System and Software Architecture and Workflow Modeling Language Manual” at MP wiki site provides the details about the current version of MP: 

We’ll refer to sections of this document (MP Manual) when needed.


MP Firebird editor/trace generator is the main tool for running MP models:  The IMPORT menu contains pre-loaded examples demonstrating some MP constructs.  At this time, users cannot add to or save customized versions of the IMPORT preloaded models.  You can, however, import your own code by browsing.

Steps To Running Your Code

  1. Point your browser to:
  2. Select and cut out the current example code
  3. Paste or type in your code
  4. Push the Run button


GUI Elements In Brief

The Help feature (top right hand side of the IDE) is a good place to get started in understanding the GUI features.




Figure 1 MP GUI Elements

 The graphics can be moved, resized and collapsed to help with viewing

Figure 2 MP GUI Example


GUI elements will also be elaborated upon as they come during the worked examples.

Saving Your Work or Importing Previous Work and Pre-loaded Examples


Use the IMPORT or EXPORT buttons as shown to save or load prior work, respectively.




3. Before Getting Started Modeling


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