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A few general words about MP and your models are in order before launching into the examples.


MP Hints and  Notes:  

  • MP is case sensitive. 
  • _  is suggested as a word separator in the style guide.
  • Most MP keywords are uppercase
  • A semicolon is a statement separator (non-optional)
    • if you leave off a ; the error may appear on the line below.
  • There is no "continuation character".  If a line gets too long, just continue on to the next one at a natural break
  • Pay attention to the coloring in the development environment, it can help you find syntax errors.
  • Event names usually describe activities, like “Wake_up”, “Attend_class”, or “Return_home”.
  •  It helps the modeling process greatly if you use readable, informative and consistent event (and other types of ) names to facilitate the understanding of activities performed within the process.   Refer to the Style Guide for further information.
  • Use /*comments*/ liberally!
  • Like any other programming language, indentation should be used to improve readability.  The examples provided in this tutorial illustrate good use of indentation.


Naming Conventions In Brief

Remember, MP is case sensitive, which can be a cause of "syntax errors".  Refer to the Style Guide for more detailed information.  Here is the synopsis with regard to capitalization:

  • Title_Case
    • Things (Serious_Student)
    • States (It_Is_Raining)
    • Processes or time phase(Morning_Routine)
  • Sentence_case
    • Activities (Attend_class)
    • Instantaneous event or condition (Raindrop_spotted)
    • used for most MP keywords (see MP Guide Section 7) – do not use for user defined names
  • CamelCase
    • not recommended


MP names for events do not have to be unique across ROOTs.  If an event is intended to be mutual (shared) you might wish to use the same name.

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