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VIDEO: Using the VPN on Mac

Setup Duo Mobile two factor authentication

  • You will be prompted to start Duo setup, click the Start Setup button:
  • This will take you to a selection screen where you will be asked what type of device you are setting up, we recommend setting up Duo on a mobile phone and a tablet so that you can authenticate from multiple devices.
  • However, option are available for a landline as well if you do not have the option of setting up Duo on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Mobile Phone or Tablet: use the store app (Google Store, App Store, or Windows Store) on your phone to install the Duo Mobile authentication app.
  • Mobile Phone: you will be prompted to enter a phone number.
  • You will then have the option to scan a QR code (with your phone camera) or have the system send you an email to confirm your registration.
  • After you’ve completed setup of your phone or tablet, you will have the option of setting the type of notification you prefer (phone call or Duo push notification).
  • Multiple Devices: When you have multiple devices setup, you will need to select one as your preferred device and set the notification method you prefer.
  • NOTE: we recommend using the "Automatically send this device a Duo Push" if possible as this will be the easiest way to use the system. Alternative methods of notification can be found at the end of this guide. Alternative Notification Methods for Duo

Installing the Global Protect VPN client

  • Go to and login with your NPS username and password, you will be prompted to use the two-factor authentication method you setup in the previous steps.
  • Once you have confirmed authentication, you will be taken to a page offering multiple version of the Global Protect VPN client software.
  • Select the download for the client appropriate to your system.
  • Download and install the client software.
  • Go to the Open Apple > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General you should see a message indicating that a program from Palo Alto Networks needs authorization to finish installation.
    • Use the localadmin credentials to unlock and click the Allow button to finish installation. DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER UNTIL THIS IS DONE.
  • It will present the Home screen, enter  into the field labeled Portal and click the Connect button.
  • When the logon screen comes up, enter your NPS username and password and click Connect.
  • You will be prompted to use your Duo two-factor authentication again at this point.
  • You will see this splash screen when you have successfully connected to the VPN system.

Additional Information (requires NPS login):

Installing the GlobalProtect VPN ClientNPS IT Installation Guide
Duo Security Two Factor Authentication InformationNPS IT Information Page for Duo Mobile



Alternative Notification Methods for Duo

  • SMS notification (text message code)
  • Step 1: Enter your NPS username (don't add the portion) in the Name field
  • Step 2: Enter your NPS password,sms (example: password,sms) into the Password field and click Login
    • You will receive a red error message at this point indicating wrong username/password, ignore this, the system is sending you the SMS code.
  • Step 3: Return to this login after you get the text message from the system with your passcode
  • Step 4: Enter your NPS username (don't add the portion) in the Name field
  • Step 5: Enter your NPS password,passcode (example: password,1234567) into the Password field and click Login
  • Landline: you will be prompted to enter a phone number.
  • As with the mobile devices, after you’ve added this option you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked what type of notification you want to receive.
  • The only option for a landline is to have it called.
  • When you put in your password, add the following: ,phone1
    • If the landline is setup as your second authentication source you would add instead: ,phone2
  • Warning: If you set your primary contact method to phone call and then subsequently setup the Duo app on a tablet or smartphone, Duo will send your push notifications to the new device as that is its preferred method, at that point you will need to use the SMS option.



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