I just got  a new computer for my thesis. (Or old computer that does not have Ubuntu) The plan is to put dual boot Windows and Ubuntu.

Below are instructions on how to:

  • Setup new Controls computer
  • Add Controls computer to LAN
  • Dual boot UBUNTU onto computer
  • Load Controls software


What to do:

  • Read the entire instructions
    • Ask Prof. Bingham about the "frl password" 
    • Request Ubuntu USB drive
  • Start in Windows (New Computer only)
    • Assemble and plug in
    • Start computer
    • Assign user name: frl
    • Assign password: (You don't think I'd really post the password, do you?)
  • Add computer to LAN (Lab Computer only, skip if for personnel computer)
      • You will send the MAC address to ITAC
    • Open Command Prompt
      • Start --> Programs –> Command Prompt
    • Type: ipconfig /all
    • Under the Header "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" write down the "Physical Address"
      • EX: 40-6C-8B-D6-70-BB
      • This is known as the MAC Address
    • Go to this site: INSERT SITE HERE
    • Type in the make/model, MAC Address and contact information
    • ITAC will add the computer to the network
  • Dual Boot Ubuntu
    • Plug in Linux USB thumb drive (Provided by Prof. Bingham)
    • Restart Computer
    • IMPORTANT: stop computer from booting Windows
      • This is normally done by hitting ESC, ENTER, or another key right as computer starts
    • Boot from USB
    • Select to download Ubuntu from USB (As opposed to just running it)
    • Assign user name: frl
    • Assign password: (Still not posting it here)
    • For Hard drive partition
      • Personnel computer: depends on how much you expect to use Windows and Ubuntu
      • Lab Computer: Roughly 2/3 Ubuntu, 1/3 Windows
    • Download updates and allow for 3rd party software
  • Download Controls Software
    • Open command prompt
    • Type: mkdir WorkingCopies 
      • This makes a folder called Working Copies for saving the software
    • Type: cd WorkingCopies
      • This changes the directory to Working Copies
    • Type: sudo apt-get install git
      • This says SuperUserDo –> get this application --> install --> git 
      • Git will be used to download other files
  • Connect to NPS Wifi



To be continued...




Howdy! My name is LT Joe Testa, and I am about to start my ME thesis in Controls. Hopefully, this blog will guide those who follow.

For my thesis, I will control a quadcopter. To do this, I will need to utilize ROS (Robotics Operating Software), preferably within MATLAB.

Step 1: Ubuntu

  • I recommend a dedicated Ubuntu computer.  If not, dual boot Ubuntu.
  • Prof. Brian Bingham of the Mechanical Engineering department has a flash drive which will import everything.

Step 2: Download ROS

Step 3: Download Matlab

Step 4: Do ROS tutorials

Tutorials found here:  Walk through the tutorials. If given the choice, use catkin_ws.  

Step 5: Connecting AR Drone to ROS

In order to connect to your AR drone, you need to download the drivers. The guide can be found here: 

Step 6: Image Transport

*** Still in progress. I'm attempting to connect to subscribe to the video using image transport. The tutorial can be found here:


To Be Continued