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Autonomous Swarm of 12 20 30 50 UAVs, Demonstrated on August 27, 2015 at Camp Roberts

On May 15th, the ARSENL team successfully launched, flew, and landed 20 UAVs autonomously!  

See the NPS web article describing our accomplishment!



See the 20-UAV mission via this log playback visualization link

Our Swarm vs. Swarm UAV grand challenge competition project, along with the ARSENL group and CRUSER initiative, were recently showcased in an article in the online newsletter, Airforce-Technology.com. Check it out!

Dogfighting drones – swarms of unmanned battle-bots take to the skies by Berenice Baker.


Our paper authored by June ARSENL graduate LCDR Joses Yau from the Singaporean Navy and Prof. Timothy Chung was accepted for publication and presentation at the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)!

The paper is entitled Search-theoretic and Ocean Models for Localizing Drifting Objects and will be presented at the upcoming IROS conference during October 7-12, 2012 in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal! Congrats to Joses for a job well done!

The Advanced Robotic Systems Engineering Laboratory research group hosted Dan Terdiman from CNET on his Road Trip 2012, whose article highlighted the NPS grand challenge concept for swarm vs. swarm UAV research and team competition. Check it out!

Drone dogfights by 2015? U.S. Navy preps for futuristic combat

The summer brings with it the opportunity for high school and college students to explore different fields, and this summer, the Advanced Robotic Systems Engineering Laboratory welcomes a number of interns who will be working on various ground and aerial robotics projects. The first wave of interns arrived today and started their learning experience by disassembling several ground robot platforms and learning the various internal mechanical and electrical components.

Projects this summer include

  • Operation Robot Resurrection: Bringing new technologies to old ground robots
  • Operation Blind Man's Bluff: A multi-player, online game for the submarine vs. submarine game
  • Operation UAV Build: Design and fabrication of a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • and more!

The Second Annual Robots in the Roses Research Fair was held at NPS on May 10th, 2012.

The Honorable Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work provided remarks on the merits and ongoing vision for CRUSER!

Some media links:

Commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet Admiral Haney visited with NPS students and faculty on April 28th.

ARSENL student Major Thomas Dono, USMC, of the Operations Research department and Assistant Professor Timothy Chung had a chance to brief Admiral Haney on diverse unmanned systems program at NPS, including the Swarm vs. Swarm UAVs grand challenge project and relevant swarm vs. swarm operational contexts.

CDC paper accepted!

Research performed in support of Maj Christian Klaus, German Army, was recently accepted for publication and presentation in the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) to be held in Orlando, Florida in December.

Christian's master's thesis investigates the relationship between the structure of the search environment and the performance of a Bayesian searcher maneuvering in this environment. See more details of his paper here!

My summer intern, Katia Gonzalez, sophomore student at Hartnell College, participated in the 2011 Naval STEM Forum alongside fellow NPS members and other interns. The event, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, took place June 15-16, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

You can see Katia with a great supporter of STEM and education efforts, Chief of Naval Research, RADM Nevin Carr.

Research performed collaboratively with Dr. Jeremy Ma at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Dr. Joel Burdick at Caltech in Pasadena, CA will be published in an upcoming issue of the International Journal of Robotics Research.

This work highlights Dr. Ma's contributions to using mobile robots and computer vision to conduct both high-level search planning with local object detection and pose recognition.

(From the www.nps.edu main page [link])

My collaboration with UC Merced professor Stefano Carpin continues to be fruitful and interesting! Our work investigates the definition of a probabilistic quadtree which can be used to represent search for one or more objects at multi-scale resolutions.

OR Family Robot Day

Saturday, August 27th, 2010

We hosted a day where OR faculty and staff families could come together and learn about robotics. Using LEGO Mindstorm robot kits, the kids creatively built robots and then programmed them to maneuver!  Here are some pictures to share, photos courtesy of DK.