Bernardo Michel Luhrs

2016  SEAP Intern


How to Create an Object Using Additive Manufacturing




-          An Ultimaker 3D printing device

-          PLA (Polylactic Acid) Filament

-          A working computer with connection to internet

-          An SD Card




Step 1: To begin creating a real life object, start by downloading the “SolidWorks” application from a legal online vendor. SolidWorks is a computer application that allows the user to create and design “ parts” (objects) or multiple parts put together. With SolidWorks, the user is able to design something through CAD (Computer Aided Design) so that it can be applicable to a 3D printer. After downloading the application, open it to begin creating the object.




Step 2: After the object that you wish to create has been made in SolidWorks, save the file as “.stl” or as “.obj”. Saving the file in this format allows the software necessary to print the model to open the file.


Step 3: Next, download the application “Cura” from the Ultimaker website. Cura is an application specifically designed for the Ultimaker 3D printing machines. The software allows the user to open CAD files in a virtual template so that the user can choose how they want their model to be printed (such as rotation, dimensions, location, etc.). After the Cura application has been downloaded, open the application. Then open the file for the object that was created.




Step 4: Insert the SD card into the computer that is being used. After the card has been inserted, in Cura there should now be an option in the lower right hand side of the screen that says “Save to Removable Disk”. Click on this option. Doing so will copy the file for the object created onto the SD Card so that it can be transferrable to the Ultimaker 3D Printing device.


Step 5: Once the file is saved onto the SD card, the SD card can be ejected. Take the SD card and insert it into the Ultimaker 3D printing device. In the Ultimaker menu, select “Print”. Scroll down to the file that has the object created from SolidWorks, and select print. The model will now begin to print. After the model has completely finished printing, remove the model from the printing plate.