Bernardo Michel Luhrs

2016 SEAP Intern


How to Fix a Jam in The Smart Extruder Nozzle


Step 1: First remove the Smart Extruder from the MakerBot machine.



                                             A) The Smart Extruder with all of the parts attached.


Step 2: Once the extruder has been detached, remove the black top piece the is closest to the nozzle, do this by carefully loosen the four little latches to keep it from falling off.



                                      B)  The Extruder without the calibration cap on the top.


Step 3: Next, locate the 6 little latches that are keeping the main body of the extruder together. Carefully undo the latches to take off the exterior components of the extruder. (Note; the latches are extremely fragile and will break if not careful, but not absolutely vital if one or two break off.)



                                    C)   The miniature latches on the head of the Extruder are very tight.


Step 4: After the exterior pieces have been removed, the inside should be open. Remove the small metal cylindrical piece that is screwed onto the the head of the extruder, as well as the nozzle from the extruder.



D) The exposed head of the Extruder.      E) The nozzle head (Caution can be very hot).  F) The filament feeding tube.


Step 5: The jam is most likely in one or the other, but quite possibly in both. Take a thin tool of some sort to scrape and push up all the excess filament that has built up in the tube of the metal cylinder and the extruder head nozzle. (This works best when the pieces are hot, as to melt the plastic, which will make it easier to scrape out.)


                                                 G) Check the tube to see if there is any excess filament.


Step 6: Once the surplus plastic has been removed from the interior of the smart extruder, it is now safe to reattach the parts to the main body of the extruder. Carefully reattach the nozzle to the head of the extruder, and screw back in the metal cylinder to the extruder.



              H) Reattach the filament feeding tube to the Extruder.        I) The nozzle head attached to the Extruder.


Step 7: Once the two parts that were removed are now back in the extruder, make sure all of the interior components are back to the way they were before the extruder was taken apart. Then place the exterior piece back on top of the extruder, and squeeze to reattach the lathes that were loosened in step 3.



                  J)  The complete interior of the Smart Extruder without the black case on top.


Step 8: Reattach the black top piece to the extruder.



K) The complete Smart Extruder after clearing out the jam.


Step 9: Now to test that the jam has completely been cleared, reconnect the extruder to the MakerBot device, and attempt to load filament.


Step 10: If the filament is able to pass through completely as it did before the jam, then the jam has been cleared successfully. If the extruder is still unable to produce the filament, then redo the process and make sure that there is no excess filament inside of the nozzle or stuck on the interior walls of the metal cylinder that was previously removed.