Bernardo Michel Luhrs

2016 SEAP Intern


Open Source 3D Models Websites






The Thingiverse website is an online open source database filled with many different types of 3D models. The website has one of the largest selections of different models to choose from, all organized under various collections and genres. Thingiverse is accessible to anybody who has a computer with a working internet connection. There is no cost to download any of the models and becoming a member is free and easy. The range of downloadable models can go from a common screw to an elaborate art piece.



                      A screenshot taken from the home page from the Thingiverse website.






Pinshape is a 3D Printing Marketplace in which users are allowed to view the variety of downloadable models that they can use. There is no fee to use Pinshape, and it has an extensive community that is always providing new models and ideas for other users to take advantage of. Although there is no fee to use Pinshape, some users have only made their models available by purchase, but overall a majority of the models are free to download. The website is also designed for users to sell their own designs to anyone who is looking for that particular model.



                     The home page for the Pinshape website with the trending models on the front page.






GrabCAD is a website in which users have the option to use “the workbench”, access the library, and interact with other members of the community. The workbench is a resource in which the user can modify any CAD files they have created, or allow other users to provide insight to any tips or tricks that they have for the owner of the model. The library is an extensive collection of various models that have been uploaded, from vehicle designs to weapons. The community of GrabCAD is continually expanding and provides a wide variety of different models that can be used in many ways. It does not cost any money to join the website, but the interface of the website might be somewhat confusing until it has been used several times.



                           A few of the large variety of models available on the GrabCAD website.






YouMagine is a very similar website to Pinshape and Thingiverse because it too has an enormous collection of 3D models that can be downloaded for 3D printing. It is cost free and the user has the option to decide whether or not they would like to become a member. Models are categorized in various genres ranging from 3D printer adaptations to simple children’s toys. Although the community is not as large as the previously mentioned websites, it is still expanding and will most likely grow much larger as the world of 3D printing continues to expand.



                              YouMagine has a very similar interface than that of Thingiverse and Pinshape .


My Mini Factory:




My Mini Factory is another open source 3D modeling website where users have access to a collection to a large selection of different models that are available to be downloaded. The website is easily maneuverable and has its designs organized in specific sections so that there is no confusion as to where the model can be found. My Mini Factory also promotes different contests to inspire the members of the community to further expand their capabilities as creators and thinkers. There is also a “store” section where anyone can purchase some of the metal jewelry items that are listed.



               Several of the categories in which the 3D models are organized into on the My Mini Factory website.