As the quarter winds down, it's time to start thinking about our next term already, and for those of you who are teaching the fall 2020 quarter, it's time for course requests. Here's the lowdown on the ENTIRE course request process (I mean really what are blogs for?). If you've already submitted your request, keep reading! You may learn something!

Send us your course request

  1. You don't need to wait until you get that email from me to request a course. It's just a bit more challenging if it's two quarters ahead. 
  2. Course requests can either be sent directly to 
  3. Or you can use our request form here. 
  4. PLEASE DON'T send a request by replying to a previous course request email or ticket, or by emailing Dan, Kevin, or me. We may not ever get it!
  5. Please do send a separate request for each course. Different segments of the same course don't need a separate request. If we have to split up your request, that will cause a delay. 

Here are the essentials of what we need. Information missing from this list will cause delays, and you don't want that!

  1. Tell us if you need a new, blank copy of the Master Course, or a duplication of a previous course 
  2. We need the COMPLETE NAME of the course you want duplicated (Please copy and paste this for us, please don't guess). For example, "GE3051: Cost Management - WEST (SU19_LA)." You would be surprised at how many requests we get that state a professor needs "the last iteration that I taught." Since you're already on a computer, why not take another two minutes, go to and copy/paste the full name for us. It's not that easy for us to look up your last course and figure out which one was taught by you last.
  3. Do you need us to add your students, or will you do that?
    1. Many professors don't know that you can add your own students if you have their NPS usernames or NPS email addresses. Go to Site Info>Add Participants in order to add.
    2. Adding students is a manual process; we do that by hand from a list that we get from Python. If a student is added later to your course by the registrar's office, we are not told about it and they will not be automatically added. Please send us a request or you can do it.

Some notes: