The LMA tool is an easy way to create and update course content and Presentations in Sakai. 


The Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Design, Development and Distribution (CED3) has developed the Learning Module App (LMA), a tool that can be added to Sakai and provides an intuitive easy way to build out content for students. Using LMA instructors are able to create modules with a custom menu and add multiple types of content and interactions to the pages.  Instructors can also use the in-line recorder to easily record an audio podcast, and use the presentation tool for creating multimedia presentations. The presentations are created online, slides and media are easily edited and can be exported for delivery offline. Content created with LMA is compatible with modern mobile devices and tablets. 

For more information about LMA please contact the Center for Educational Design, Development, and Distribution (CED3) or view the tutorials.

Useful Applications

With this application Instructors can:

Create Module

To add LMA to Sakai click Site Editor > Edit Tools > Scroll down and check Web Content box  and click Continue > Type in a Title, which will appear on the menu bar on left in Sakai and paste in the source box. Click Continue and then Finish. The side menu title, module title and details as well as the LMA template can be changed at any time.

  1. To create a new module type in the module name and click the Create Module button. You are then jumped to the Module Settings page. 
  2. To add a link to an existing module to your course view the list of Available Modules you have already created. Add the module directly to your course by clicking the Add button. To preview a module before selecting, click the Preview link.

Module Settings

image of module settings page

All modules by default have a home page already built, shown by the home icon at the top left of the page.

  1. Edit Module title in this box as needed.
  2. Provide a description of additional identifier for your module, such as date created, academic quarter delivered, etc. This description is a reference for instructors and will not be seen by students.
  3. Select a template for your module. Custom templates can be designed, contact CED3 for more information.
  4. This option allows language instructors to select the primary language of the module and enable as many flip language buttons as needed for your module.  For English modules leave the default English language.
  5. Advanced Options allows you to add custom CSS sheets, add a global glossary to your pages, and/or make pages public.

Select your module settings and click Save. You are then jumped to the Page Menu Editor where you can set up your page menu.


Browser Requirements

LMA works best in a modern browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11+. Some features, like drag and drop are only supported on desktop and only on the latest browsers. LMA does not support creating or viewing content in Internet Explorer 7 or lower.