If you are having trouble connecting to or logging into the Sakai CLE, please review the issues and resolutions below.

Trouble accessing to the Web site - https://cle.nps.edu

NMCI “Proxy server is not responding” message (as of FA18)

If your computer won’t let you change these settings, you may need to your local IT involved.  

For Explorer

  1.  Load Internet Explorer
  2. Then go to:  Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Advanced
  3. In the Proxy Settings box paste this in the HTTP box: nmciproxyb1.brem.nadsuswe.nads.navy.mil
  4. Paste this in the Secure: box:   nmciproxyb1secure.brem.nadsuswe.nads.navy.mil
  5. Leave everything else the same on the page.
  6. Click OK, ok again, and a third time.

For Firefox

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Go to Preferences>General>Network Proxy
  3. Click on Manual proxy configuration
  4. Paste in the HPPT Proxy box nmciproxyb1.brem.nadsuswe.nads.navy.mil4
  5. Paste in the SSL Proxy box nmciproxyb1secure.brem.nadsuswe.nads.navy.mil
  6. Click OK

The browser times out or you get a 404 error message

Please ensure you are not connected to the NPS VPN

Security Certificate Error

If you get an error such as:

Please follow the instructions here.


Some browsers may allow you to bypass this certificate by selecting:

For Firefox: open the "I understand the risks" area > Add Exception button > Confirm Security Exception button.

Trouble Logging in - NPS User

NPS users use their NPS credential as their username.  If you use your email address as your username, please see the Sakai Guest User area below.

Trouble Logging In - Sakai Guest User

Sakai Guest Users use their email address as their username.

Please review the Guest Access Overview to see