Network-Optional Warfare (NOW)

  • Vulnerabilities arise for naval forces conducting constant communications due to lack of stealth and dependence on continuous data exchange.
  • Emissions control (EMCON) and deliberate use of low-probability of intercept (LPI) data channels can restore naval covertness and tactical surprise.
  • Data compression and a well-defined signal book can enable fluid operations across NCW and NOW, aiding command autonomy and freedom of action.

Network-Centric Warfare (NCW)

  • “Seeks to translate an information advantage, enabled in part by information technology, into a competitive advantage through the robust networking of well-informed geographically dispersed forces.”
  • “This networking—combined with changes in technology, organization, processes, and people—may allow new forms of organizational behavior.”
  • Source:  Network-Centric Warfare, Wikipedia

Operational View (OV-1) shows line-of-sight (LOS) optical signaling via Quick Reaction (QR) codes and Digital Flashing Light (DFL).

Only two EM-based lightning bolts!


Tactical Opportunities


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