These instructions are only for users who have no option but to use Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.  If you have access to another locally installed browser you should use that and should not need these instructions.

Option 1 - Attempt to utilize one of the ThinApp or Portable Browsers (may not be allowed on NMCI and other secure networks)

ThinApp is a VMware product used to create applications which can be run without Administrator privileges on their local computer.  It allows end users to use applications without installing them in a traditional way.


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Step 1. Download a ThinApp or Portable browser (NPS Username/Password required)

Step 2. Your browser should ask you what to do with the file
Step 3. Choose "Save as" from Save menu
Step 4. Save file to Desktop

Step 5. Find downloaded zip file on your Desktop 

(*the exact location of the file on your desktop will be different for each user depending on how many files are on your desktop)

Step 6. Double click on the .zip file on your Desktop to open
Step 7. Click on "Extract all files"

Step 8. Extract all files to your Desktop and show extracted files when complete 

(*the Desktop should be the default folder if you saved the folder downloaded in the previous instructions to your Desktop)

Step 9. If the "Confirm Encryption Loss" window appears then click Yes
Step 10. After extraction is complete the following window will appear with a folder which matches the name of the browser contained within
Step 11. Double click on folder to open the folder
Step 12. Double click on the browser name to launch the compatible browser 

Step 13. If the following window appears, click on "Run"

Step 14. The browser will launch - In the browser go to the Sakai CLE at:

If any of these browsers request a proxy username/password, please use your local network's username/password.

Step 15. Login to Sakai, go to your Sakai course site and follow the Connecting to a Collaborate Session Using Windows instructions. 

Option 2 - Ask your instructor to post Collaborate Guest Links to the class' Collaborate sessions and recordings

If none of the browser options listed below work for you, please contact your course instructor and ask them to provide the Collaborate Session Guest Link.  Having the Collaborate Session Guest Link you can join a Collaborate Session with IE8.

Option 3 - Us a different computer (personal) to access the Sakai Collaborate Tool