Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC) Invitation: When, Where, Who

Information Themes

How can the Navy best take advantage of long-term opportunities for 3D collaboration, viewing, printing and scanning?  We are standing up multiple X3D-capable servers that let us actively explore major new capabilities together.

Gathering all goals and requirements can help the initial rollout of these capabilities.

 Presentations (draft agenda)

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Spiders3D Release Demonstration, Alex Viana NAVFAC and Mike Russalesi SSD
  3. Navy Contract Requirements for Viewable X3D Models, NAVAIR team
  4. Navy X3D Model Exchange Preparations using NIH 3D Print Exchange, Don Brutzman NPS and Meghan McCarthy NIH
  5. Web3D Consortium Activities and Opportunities, Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium
  6. USMC Fablab Activities and Expeditionary Manufacturing, Matt Friedell
  7. Navy Fablab Activities, speaker TBD
  8. Navy Medical Needs for 3D, speaker TBD
  9. Naval History and Heritage Command assets and objectives, speaker TBD 
  10. Metadata and Licensing for Government Model Exchanges, Meghan McCarthy NIH
  11. 3D Blacksburg and Geospatial Metadata Strategies for VT/Virginia
  12. SPAWAR 3D Scanning and Additive Manufacturing for Ships, speaker TBD
  13. 3DPDF Consortium Capabilities, Goals and Objectives, Jerry McFeeters
  14. NPS Additive Manufacturing (AM) Project Activities, Claudia Luhrs and Amela Sadagic NPS
  15. STOQS and Robodata mission archives for ocean experimentation, Mike McCann MBARI and Don Brutzman NPS

Around-the-Room Group Discussion and Sponsor Perspectives

Feedback is welcome!  Please let us know what you think.