The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) application is used to send large files to individuals which would normally be too large to send via email. There are no user accounts for SAFE - authentication is handled via email and CAC. Everyone in DoD has access to SAFE, and the application is available for use by anyone.

Step-by-step guide

The AMRDEC SAFE application can be accessed via

  1. There are two options to proceed from the SAFE homepage:
  2. After selecting one of the options above, the page will be redirected to the package upload form. Fill in all the required input fields:
  3. Clicking the "Submit" button will upload the files and submit the package. Guest users will need to check their email to verify their email address before the recipients will be notified. No additional action is required by CAC users.
  4. After the package has been uploaded (and verified, if proceeding as a guest), each recipient will receive a link to the package download page as well as a password. These passwords are unique for each recipient (not the package), and will be disabled once SAFE detects that the user successfully downloaded each file within the package. Forwarding recipient and sender notification emails to anyone except the AMRDEC SAFETeam is strictly forbidden.

Receiving Files

Recipients will automatically be notified via email when they have been added as a recipient to a package. The email they receive will contain a link and a password. Clicking on the link will take the recipient to a page where they will be asked for the password. The best way to enter the password is to copy it from the email and then paste it into the password box.

After logging in, the recipient will be able to download all the files within the package. We recommend right-clicking on each file and selecting the "Save Target As" option to select the location to save the file to.

After downloading every file within the package, the recipient will not be able to log back in to download the files again. Simply logging in or starting a download will not lock the user out. In order to be locked out, the recipient must successfully download every file within the package.

Managing Packages

After uploading a package, the sender will receive a notification email with a link and a password. After accessing the link and entering the password, the sender will be able to manage their package:

Getting Help

If you encounter any issues while using SAFE, please try using the Help Center to find your answer.

You may also want to use visual panels to communicate related information, tips or things users need to be aware of.

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